For our customers that want the simple answer:

Simply put Whiff! does what it is says it will do.

The technology behind it is called oxidation. Whiff! uses unmatched oxidation power to physically change the chemistry of odor causing culprits. Some competitors attempt to use oxidation but they cannot achieve the oxidative capacity that Whiff! provides. Until now this on-demand oxidative process has been unavailable.

It is not bleach. It does not use chlorine in the process of reacting with stink and dirt. Because of this, it does not create bad things in the environment.

It is a non-persistent selective oxidizer that is extremely reactive (oxidative) when produced. But also, due to this reactivity when created, it rapidly loses its effectiveness. Because of this reactivity it only takes seconds of contact time to destroy odors.

It is a gas in water well known for cleaning municipal drinking water and eliminating biofilms in the water systems of paper mills where environmental contact is a concern.

Chlorine dioxide has been around for years, however methods for “releasing” or “activating” chlorite sources are not very user friendly. In fact most all industrial and commercial methods use acid conversion or electrical. The US Department of Defense asked researchers to find a way to avoid these methods.

A common source of chlorite is sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite is a good oxidizer on its own and many competitors use this in their products. In order to get the results they desire they must use a very concentrated form of sodium chlorite and also add other products to add strength to their product. Transporting active chlorine dioxide is difficult and also illegal in most cases. This is why it must be generated onsite. Our method enables onsite generation and is as simple as flicking a switch or squeezing a trigger sprayer. Our method also allows us to provide a source of chlorite tailored to the output desired resulting in safe components and safe outputs. See ReliOx.com for information on other ways to produce chlorine dioxide.

Detailing a car for resale, rental or lease is a necessity and has significant effects on your ability to sell, rent or lease any vehicle. How many vehicles have you taken in on trade or purchased at auction that are nasty and hard to move out of your lot? Rental companies need to turn around cars for the next customer in minutes or they risk losing the rental. Your cars are not generating cash unless they are sold, rented or leased. Just the time to show a vehicle bleeds cash from your business, especially when you continue to show the same vehicle over and over with no sale.

The Whiff! system is all you need to get these vehicles off your lot and into the hands of paying customers.

You might now consider buying that stinky car at auction knowing you can make it smell as good as new when you get it home!

We recommend when you receive a vehicle that needs treatment you clean out all foreign material from the vehicle. That means everything that did not come with the vehicle when it was new (within reason of course!) Whiff! should be the first thing you use. Spray the surfaces and environmental systems of the vehicle completely. Wipe down surfaces if you accidently over apply a sensitive area. Otherwise allow to air dry. Whiff! reaction time is measured in seconds so you can wipe down surfaces to dry faster. The Whiff! product does not need to be wiped down, however if you have treated stains or dirty spots you may wish to treat and wipe with a clean dry cloth to remove the solids and stain.

You may find that you don’t need other chemicals or cleaners once you start with Whiff! Using Whiff! first saves you time and money.

Whiff! was created using ReliOx technology. ReliOx technology is the invention of researchers developed under grant from the United States Department of Defense. The technology uses and follows all 12 of the Green Chemistry principles in our research, development and production.

“Green Chemistry reduces toxicity, minimizes waste, saves energy, and cuts down on the depletion of natural resources. It allows for advances in chemistry to occur in a much more environmentally benign way.”

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/Ge-Hy/Green-Chemistry.html#ixzz61D647RGK

First, yes, it is both safe and non-toxic. You may add environmentally safe and recyclable to this as well.

Secondly, there are many types of chemicals and compounds that contain the name chlorine. Table salt is chemically called Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Pool chlorine is Sodium Hypochlorite or Hypochlorous Acid. We do not use these versions of chlorine. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is not chlorine as many people understand chlorine to be defined. In our molecule it is the ability of it to capture electrons that does the work, not the chlorine. This is why it is considered a “pristine” molecule, it never gives up it’s chlorine.

ReliOx Corporation’s six U.S. Patents ensures you that the inventions covered by these patents have been rigorously examined and found to be unique and worthy of patent protection. No other company or person can legally produce products based on ReliOx technology. Choosing Whiff! gets you the best!

The technology used in Whiff! came in second at the CADE award. This demonstrated the evolution of the technology into commercially viable products. This was a big step for the technology and has opened the door to opportunities for many applications in industries that struggle today with safe and easy access to aqueous chlorine dioxide and other issues where the technology works wonderfully. See about the CADE PRIZE here: https://www.cademuseum.org/cade-museum-prize.html


All vehicle surfaces are suitable for cleaning and deodorizing with Whiff! Of course because Whiff! is a water based product, special care should be taken to not over apply the product on sensitive areas where the fluid can overcome electrical components. Most manufacturers have prepared for the inevitability of cleaning products coming into contact with dashboard and other cabin electronics and Whiff! is safe to dispense in accordance with these manufacturers guidelines.

The odor will be gone and will not return unless the area is once again soiled or contaminated. Using Whiff! as an “after-sale” revenue stream is a great option for retailers, rental & leasing companies that brings customers back! Stay clean with Whiff!
Whiff!, once applied, can be allowed to air dry or be wiped to clean surfaces, glass and upholstery. Whiff! is a gas in water. Once the gas does its work nothing remains. We recommend any water that may be remaining be wiped up to eliminate any water spots on hard surfaces and to speed up drying of any over treated areas.
The average is about 40 sprays for the entire vehicle and storage area (trunk). RV’s will be 2 to 3 times more than that. Your situation may be much more or less depending on the severity of the clean-up and remediation.

Enzymes are biological compounds that increase the speed at which other smelly biological substances like starches, oils, fats, and proteins break down, so you can wipe away messes easily.

The best answer is that enzyme alternatives attempt to change the odor causing elements into non or less odiferous elements but there often remains an odor. It is up to you or your customer to decide if the odor continues to be offensive or not.

Whiff! is currently available in 16-ounce spray generators and15 gallon wall mounted systems.

You can download a copy of our SDS here.

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